Vampires at SeaEdit

Risk and RewardEdit

Vampires have a bit more to consider if they want to be involved in the naval life much of their food so loves to enjoy. They can't expose themselves to the sun, must sleep during the day, and they must have a steady food source in a confined area without gaining suspicious. In addition, the question of what exactly there is to gain from the sea, socially and economically, for a vampire must be asked as well. While all of these things makes their job significantly more difficult, it isn't impossible. After all, where humans go, vampires are sure to follow.


It is known that vampires mingle with high society, and as consequence, more then a few deava and ventrue have been invited to cruises to exotic places. And what if a few locals in the carriabean go missing? Well the crew seems fine.

Now there is a danger to this, and that is you have to make sure said cruise is offering activites at night, and if it does, then who would fault you for spending to much time for sleeping in the day after a night of partying?

Even if there are a lot of people on the ship, a vampire must be weary to keep her victims alive during the stay on the cruise. It is not easy to escape a ship should the masquerade get broken there, and the masquerade is a delicate thing while staying in such a confined area. But should the vampire drain some locals during their stops a little too dry, why they might not even realize it before they've already set sail.

Shipping Industry and TourismEdit

A few of the clans and covenants are known to be drawn towards business and, as a result, one should not be surprised to learn that shipping businesses often fall under more then a few vampires' control. A vampire may not go to the sea himself, but he will deal with it as it is part of his business should it gain him money to fuel other schemes.

There is also another inudstry that has some connections to the sea, and that is tourism. Many tourists will come to beaches, cruise destinations, and so forth, looking for a good time. and more then a few of them leave a bit more then just drained.

Piracy and SmugglingEdit

Piracy and smuggling is alive and well in the modern era. It is something that a few enterprising vampires have been known to take a part in. In war torn areas of the world, a local warlord might happen to be a vampire or be controlled by a vampire. Though he is not a pirate himself, he benifits by the pirates smuggling goods back to him and people for him to feed upon.

However one need not go to war torn places for vampires to do the same thing. After all in the 1800s people did practice shanghaiing, and whose to say that has stopped, it might have just became more subtle.

Covenants and the SeaEdit

Circle of CroneEdit

In more then a few circles, this covenant has been known to worship ancient dieties, and a number of them are dieties of the sea. Dark, bloody pagan sacrifices are sometimes done for these deities in exchange for powerful abilities or ancient secrets long buried underneath the murky depths. The deity in question does depend on the region, but the practices are inevitable blood offerings to the sea.

Ordo DraculEdit

They seek to understand the vampiric condition. Therefore, more then a few members of the order have decided that they should study the effects of the ocean on the vampire condition, both physical and pyschological. Vampires after all do not need to breathe. Perhaps this could be taken advantage of to unearth the mystery of the vampire condition. Who knows how many answers may be hidden beneath the waves that covers so much of this planet?

Werewolves at SeaEdit

Risk and RewardEdit

Father Neptune's Gifts: Sea MagicEdit

Gifts of the ReefEdit

The Uratha rarely have call to travel beneath the waters. A pack lives and dies by their territory, few see honour or cause to vanish beneath the sea for extended periods. Yet when a pack discovers a powerful Locus under the waters bordering their seaside territory, when a powerful Magath threatens the pack safe from an underwater home. That's when the sons of Father Wolf call on the Spirits that prowl the depths and ask for Gifts. To survive in the lands beneath the waves were it is not natural for a wolf to travel the Uratha seek the strength of the sea's apex predators. The trials demanded for these Gifts are violent, blood-soaked affairs.

Hammerhead's Nose (•)Edit

A Werewolf's smell is one of her most powerful weapons. At sea she is blind and even over land rain or running water can wash away the trail. The sharks have no such weakness, their nose has adapted for under the water and can track even the faintest trace of blood. When a Werewolf learns this gift She no longer suffers any penalty from the presence of water when trying to smell, above land she ignores penalties when prey crosses a stream or for tracking in heavy rain. Underwater, it's a Gift she can track by smell at all.

There is no cost or roll for this Gift, it is a permeation change to the Werewolf's abilities.

Any Spirit of aquatic life with a good sense of smell can teach this Gift.

Ceaseless Momentum. (••)Edit

Many deep sea fish never stop moving, even asleep they are in motion. A Werewolf who learns the trick of it can slowly build up the speed to hunt down even the fastest of prey. Every turn the Werewolf is moving at his maximum Speed, modified or otherwise, he increases his speed by one to a maximum of twice his unmodified Speed. It is important to note that this power is up to twice the unmodified Speed, supernatural or even mundane problems, such as heavy armour, that slow him down mean that it takes longer for the werewolf to reach this Gift's full potential. They do not decrease his maximum speed. This Gift may not be used in conjunction with Father Wolf's Speed or similar speed enhancing Gifts.

If the Werewolf stops moving, even for a turn, all bonuses from this Gift vanish and must be built up again. This power lasts for one scene.

Cost: 1 Essence
Dice pool: This power needs no roll.
Action: Reflexive

Any deep sea fish that never stops moving can teach this gift.

Feeding Frenzy (•••)Edit

A Werewolf might fear the rage beating within her heart, but she hasn't understood the madness that can live within a beast until she has taken this Gift and drawn the sharks' unholy hunger into her own Belly.

With Feeding Frenzy a Werewolf can gain Essence from eating any living meat they can get their jaws around, rather than just Humans. Spirits, the undead and walking not-alive still don't qualify though.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival + Cunning
Action: Instant

Dramatic Failure: The Gift successfully activates and the Werewolf immediately suffers two points of bashing damage as though she had gone several days without food. Worse, she immediately falls into Kuruth and attempts to devour anything within sight. Willpower cannot be spent to resist Kuruth.

Failure: The Werewolf immediately suffers two points of bashing damage as though she had gone several days without food. While she doesn’t have to check for Kuruth, at least not immediately, it takes a successful Resolve + Composure roll not to start eating. No roll is required if there's no food, or if the only food is people. Unless there Werewolf makes a habit of eating people that is. If the Werewolf has any meat in her jaws, including after a successful bite attack, she rolls to resist swallowing with a -3 penalty.

Success: The Werewolf's stomach empties and her teeth itch with anticipation for the kill. She suffers the same penalties as with a Failure but also gains the benefits of this Gift. Every three points of Lethal Damage inflicted with the intent of eating flesh grants one point of Essence. Humans still give one point of Essence per point of damage. Essence acquired from this Gift always has a resonance of Hunger. This power lasts one Scene. Ending it early requires a point of Essence and a successful activation roll, with the usual penalties for failure.

Drawback: The hunger of the shark is truly insatiable. For every individual creature the Werewolf eats with the intention of gaining essence she must roll to resist Death Rage with a penalty equal to the amount of Essence she has gained from this Gift within the last 24 hours. If she enters Kuruth she immediately attempts to devour everything in sight. She does gain Essence from any meat eaten during Kuruth.

Exceptional Success: The Gift activates without causing any damage. The Werewolf will not need to roll to resist eating until she has her jaws around some meat, then she rolls without penalty to resist swallowing. Even on an exceptional Exceptional Successes the Werewolf must roll to resist Kuruth after every kill, as with a regular success.

Suggested Modifiers: The Werewolf has fed recently (+2), the Werewolf activates this Gift while hungry (-1 to -5 after going a whole day without food), the Werewolf can smell blood (-2)

Only powerful Spirits of creatures prone to a feeding frenzy can teach this Gift.

Water's Breath. (••••) Edit

All life came from the sea. Deep within each and every one of us is memories of those ancient days, how to swim, how to breath beneath the waves.

Cost: 2 Essence
Dicepool: Stamina + Survival + Purity
Action: Instant

Dramatic Failure: The Werewolf immediately begins choking as he looses the ability to breath for 6 – Stamina rounds.

Failure: The Gift does not activate.

Success: The Werewolf enormously increases his lung capacity. Underwater he can hold his breath for 10 times the listed amount due to Stamina. This Gift grants no additional ability to hold his breath on land. In addition while underwater he can reflexively spend one Essence to gain the ability to breath water for a moment. Just long enough to refill his lungs to their full capacity. These enhanced lungs last for the scene.

Exceptional Success: The effects of this Gift last until the next moonrise. If the moon has already risen or will rise during the scene it lasts until tomorrow night's moonrise. (New Moon still counts).

Spirits of water breathing life or water itself can teach this gift. Finding an aquatic spirit powerful enough to teach a four dot Gift that cannot easily escape into the water is rare, most werewolves must settle for a spirit that dosn't want to run. Presumably because it prefers to fight.

Gaping Maw (•••••)Edit

The wolf hunts and the wolf honours the hunt. It respects its prey. The shark, the shark merely feeds. The ultimate Gift of the Reef teaches this terrible empty philosophy.

Cost: 3 Essence
Dicepool: Strength + Brawl + Glory
Action: Instant

Dramatic Failure: Although the Gift activates the Werewolf immediately falls into Kuruth and attempts to devour anything within sight. Willpower cannot be spent to resist Kuruth.

Failure: The Gift fails to activate and the Werewolf must roll to resist Death Rage.

Success: The Gift successfully activates. Every turn that the Werewolf attacks her claws and teeth increase their damage rating to a maximum of Primal Urge + Glory Damage. Any turn where the Werewolf dose not attack someone or move at maximum speed towards her nearest opponent resents her claws and teeth to their natural damage rating. In Death Rage this Gift is even more potent, the Damage rating rises by 2 per turn to the same limit.

Drawback: The Werewolf still has to roll to resist Death Rage when activating this Gift. So long as the Gift is active she has no Defence, she can still make All-Out Attacks and Charge Attacks but more intricate moves which sacrifice Defence are beyond her.

Exceptional Success: The Gift activates, no roll is required for resisting Death Rage.

The Spirit of any aquatic apex preditor can teach this gift. Do be careful, the sea has dangers far beyond the land.

Mages at SeaEdit

Risk and RewardEdit

Shades of AtlantisEdit

Mages have plenty of reasons to look to the ocean, not least are never-noted Atlantean ruins (after all, Plato did say it sank beneath the waves). Deep in the tides' cold embrace, the antediluvian remnants should be protected from Disbelief by the simple reason that no Sleeper has ever seen them deep beneath the waves. A few Mysterium ultra-idealists even believe that they could find the actual-factual ruins of Atlantis itself under the chill waters of the oceans, but these tend to end up empty-handed (or outright vanish, see below).

An eccentric segment of the American Silver Ladder also believes that it could found a magical undersea utopia - a new Atlantis if you will - away from the prying eyes of Sleepers, a Galt's Gulch run by mages, for mages where they could use their powers with much less bother about maintaining the secrecy of the Mysteries.


Darkness VisibleEdit

Of course, the oceans also worry Mages in numerous ways. 

Deep beneath the sea, Verges and other rifts between worlds open unmonitored and unchecked. Strange things creep in the lightless depths, spirits of gargantuan squid and other deep sea-life horrifically hybridised with the ephemeral reflections of sunken ships not least among them. Abyssal horrors have been known to lurk in the most lightless parts of deep sea trenches, and strange things unknown to man or magus crop up in expedition reports with worrying frequency.

A typical tale is the Mysterium Cabal which called itself the Ferrymen of Oceanus, one of those who thought Atlantis itself might be drowned underwater. Exploring the depths of the South Pacific in 1997, they came upon something never before seen by man at 50 degrees south 100 west. The recording of their last transmission (later discerned to be from Thalia, an Obrimos known for her combat skills) makes for harrowing listening:

Dead city. Underwater, kelp fronds. Green light all around me, wrong angles. There's no light but that pale eerie gleam. The buildings make New York skyscrapers look like matchsticks, disturbingly organic - almost some form of Gothic architecture, but the whole place looks like Giger designed it. Idol buried in silt. No creature I ever saw. Will press on.

<Interminable static fills the radio for ten minutes>

-Corridors messed up. Dry at least, but Space magic isn't working right. Low on mana, can't get out of maze. Carvings on walls hurt eyes. Depictions of human sacrifice, orgies, cannibalism - all intermingled. Need to get out. Eight-sided blocks tesselate. Can't get out. Something's behind me. Can't look back. Have to move on.

<three minutes of static>

Spent three months here in this messed-up place. Can't remember it all, seems to slip away. No food or water but I eat and drink. This place messes up everything. Have to leave, but don't remember how I entered. Must keep moving. He'll get me. She'll eat me all if I tarry.

<One second of static>

The dead god's heart is black ice. He dreams, and this place is his dream. I disturbed him from his sleep, he's going to turn over. Pray he doesn't wake up.

The recording cuts out after that last terrified sentence. The Ferrymen's ship was found floating 360 nautical miles west of where Thalia made her last transmission by Guardians of the Veil a week later, its crew completely and suddenly disappeared. Not even investigation by Masters of Space and Time gave any clue as to their whereabouts or even what had happened to strike them low.

In 1997 Sleepers recorded a mysterious sound from the region the Ferrymen explored before their sudden disappearance. Unexplained by their science, they called it 'the Bloop' and recorded it as an anomaly. If whatever it is had anything to do with the case of the Ferrymen, Mages might watch the incoming tide a lot more nervously.

Promethians at SeaEdit

Risk and RewardEdit

Neptunus TransmutationsEdit

Weather Eye (•, Sensorium)Edit

The smell of the sea air, the movement of the winds, the formation of the clouds. At sea life and death turns upon the weather, any sailor worth his salt would endeavour that they could read it's signs. Though thee Created are far more resistant to the torments of nature than humans they spend much of their life without a home and so they turn to this Transmutation. Those who take to the seas are always grateful that they can get an early warning when storms are brewing.

Weather Eye makes use of the Promethian's regular senses and so it benefits from Transmutations that enhance those senses. Bloodhounds nose and Firesight both grant a one die bonus with Rarefied Senses makes this a Rote Action.

When rolling Weather eye the Promethian must say how far ahead they wish to look. They can look anywhere up to an hour at no penalty. Between one and two hours imposes a -1 penalty. Six hours at a -5 penalty is the furthest this Transmutation can reach.

Cost: None
Dice Pool: Wits + Science

Dramatic Failure: The Promethean disastrously misjudges the upcoming weather.
Failure: The attempt to predict the weather fails.
Success: The Promethean correctly judges the weather, he learns approximate wind speed, wind direction, type and strength of any precipitation and the temperature for his current location from now until the time chosen when using this Transmutation. If the Promethean has a Skill who's effectiveness is closely tied to the weather he may roll Wits + Skill to determine how the weather will aid or hinder that skill. For example a Sailor could roll Wits + Drive or Wits + Survival to determine how dangerous it is to set sail.
Exceptional Success: Chose one of: Wind speed, wind direction, type of precipitation, strength of precipitation, temperature. The Promethean gains exact information about that part of the weather. If the Promethean intends to roll a Skill he gains +3 on that roll.

Shape of the Rokea (•••, Metamorphosis)Edit

By altering the shape of his body the Promethian can assume the form of a large shark like creature. In the murky depth she might be mistaken for an aquatic creature but in clear light her unnatural shape is obvious
Prequisites: Natural Weaponry (•) Blessing of Tethys (••)
Cost: 2 Pyros
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant

The Promethean's legs fuse together while her feet stretch and thin into flippers. Her arms recede into the body leaving only the hands where the fingers combine to form fins. Her jaw stretches from ear to ear and grows several rows of razor sharp serrated teeth. In this form the Created has no hands and is incapable of performing any physical action beyond that of a shark. She retains human speech though it is likely to be distorted by her own throat and the water in which she swims.

The Created looses her Defence during the turn of transformation. In shark form apply the following modifiers: +1 Strength, +1 on any Swimming rolls, +2 Speed in water and the Created uses her full speed when swimming. If the Promethean knows any one-dot Sensorium Transmutations she may activate them for free while using this Transmutation. While in this form Blessing of Tethys is always active, it's cost is included in this Transmutation. Finally her bite inflicts +1 lethal damage.

If she knows the Mask Deception Transmutation she can use it to make herself appear to be a real, natural shark. She does not need to make a separate activation roll for that power or spend the requisite Pyros to do this.

Shape of the Rokea does not increase a Promethian's resistance to the cold or pressure of the ocean, though the Created are better suited to it than most. A Created who intends to dive deep is advised to use Transmutations that provide Armour or the Weatherproof Merit.

Changelings at SeaEdit

Risk and RewardEdit

After their long imprisonment the most unlucky of the Lost return home to find they are no longer welcome. The open sea whispers promises to those poor unfortunate souls. It promises a life far away from the society that rejected you, a life with not a single wall, just you and the boundless ocean as far as the eye can see.

Turning dream to reality can be hard, not every Changeling can survive at sea unaided. There's the need for licences, life at sea can be a harsh regimented existence driven by the necessitates of keeping a ship afloat. Yet if anyone can spin reality from dreams it's the Lost. Powerful Changelings, masters of faerie sorceries, have set sail in boats spun from thorns and sea spray that need no crew. Motleys have kept ships funded and repaired though Pledges and Contracts alone while those with greater ambitions than mere existence use Pledges that define everyone's role. By nailing down the restrictions of a sailors life before the Wyrd they make the chains of necessity bearable, by splitting power and authority between various defined roles they hide their ships from the Gentry.


Surviving at SeaEdit

Breathing: The Tread of the Swift Hooves clause can allow a Changeling to hold their breath for ten times the normal duration. Swimmerskins and Water-dwellers can both hold their breath underwater for an exceptional amount of time. Waterborn, or Swimmerskin and Water-dwellers with the Gills merit (see below) can breath underwater indefinitely.

Vision: The clause Beast's Keen Senses applied to any deep sea life grants the Changeling senses that work clearly underwater. Water-dwellers can naturally see underwater. Bright Ones can create their own illumination.

Cold: Cloak of the Elements applied to water or Son of the Hearth protects the Changeling from even the coldest waters. Son of the Hearth allows a Changeling to protect his companions as well as himself.

Pressure: Cloak of the Elements applied to water protects the Changeling from even the harshest deep see pressures.

Swimming: Tread of the Swift Hooves allows a Changeling to swim as fast as she can run. Both Swimmerskins and Waterborn are naturally exceptional swimmers.


Contracts of Elements and Communion: All Contracts with Water get +1 while on a boat at sea and +2 while underwater. Equal penalties are applied to Fire. While underwater most elements get a -1 penalty because little of the element is around.

The HedgeEdit

Gates to the hedge open as normal, providing the Changling can find an doorway or reflective surface to open. Weather conditions such as whirlpools or thick fogs might lead to the hedge. Old and skilled Changeling sailor have been known to use vast arches, sea caves or even the struts of abandoned oil derricks as massive hedge gates big enough to sail a ship through. An ordinary ship has little chance of lasting long amongst the thorns but a Hedgespun craft could use these secret Trods to smuggle or launch pirate raids beneath the navy's watchful eye.

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash: Sea MagicEdit

Sovereignty of the ShipEdit

The sea is a harsh mistress and only strict discipline can keep a sailor alive. Since time before memory all understood that at sea the captain’s word is law, in time this belief became recognised by the Wyrd itself. While at sea any captain who's maintains authoirty over the ship is crowned by the Wyrd and may benefit from the sovereignty of the ship: For one glamour point she may instantly know one fact about physical goings on aboard her ship. "Are there any stowaways?", "how full are the water tanks?", "where is that cabin boy" are all valid questions. As master of her ship, acknowledged by the Wyrd itself, a Captain can make pledges of Fealty and Vassalage.

Wizened Kith: SailorEdit

The crews and galley-slaves of the fae. So long as they're standing on their a vessel they crew they act in partnership with the craft gaining 9again on all rolls related to sailing. In addition they never suffer from sea sickness or similar maladies.

Merit: Gills (•••)Edit

Perquisite: Swimmerskin or Water-Dweller

Some Changelings have retained more of their aquatic durance than others. They return from Arcadia equally adapted for both land and water. Characters with this Merit can breath comfortably underwater.

Drawback: The Changeling's adaptation for the waves comes at a slight cost: The Changeling is exceptionally susceptible to dehydration. In any environment where the air is completely dry, such as a desert, the Changeling begins to suffer penalties as per the rules for Temperature Extremes (see WoD Core p181). This stacks with the regular penalties for Temperature Extremes and can be prevented with appropriate contracts.

The Kings Shilling (Token ••••)Edit

This Token is a simple looking thing, it appears as an ancient worn coin bearing the face of a long dead king. It smells faintly of sea air, brine and cheep grog. Any Changeling capable of sealing a Pledge incorporating the Fealty task can use The Kings Shilling to trap the unwary into a pledge they never spoke. The monarch must activate The Kings Shilling then create a pledge incorporating Fealty which is invested into the Shilling. When The Kings Shilling is handed to another (they must voluntarally - if perhaps unwittingly - take it) the Pledge snaps shut as though they had agreed to it themselves. The Shilling cannot be given as part of a legitimate trade (unless that trade included service upon the ship that covers all terms of the Pledge) so Larceny may be required. Anyone who already has a Fealty pledge with the owner of The Kings Shilling cannot be affected by this Token, they can be used as an intermediary to recruit others.

Action: Instant

Mein: When activated the coin seems freshly made and anyone holding it to their ear can hear it's last owner giving orders.

Drawback: <TODO>

Catch: <TODO>

Contacts of Ship and Sail (Wizened affinity)Edit

The Contracts of Ship and Sail enhance the bond between ship and crew. Like the chain of command before the mast higher levels of this contract require a higher position aboard to function, if a character looses their rank they retain any dots in the Contract but cannot use them until they regain their position. This is one of the oldest contracts and isn't always suited for the more modern realities of sailing.

Steady as she goes (•)Edit

The Changling can call upon the ship upon which she stands to guide her feet.

Perquisite: Sailor.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Athletics + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Duration: Scene
Catch: The Changling has not set foot on land in the last three days or the Changling is of the Sailor Kith.

Dramatic Failure: The Changling looses his footing at a disastrous moment. He may spill a barrel of dangerous lantern oil all over the deck or perhaps even fall overboard.

Failure: The Changling fails to activate the clause.

Success: The ship steadies itself beneath the Changelings foot. Loose objects tend to avoid him as he does his duties. Each Success reduces environmental penalties by one.

Exceptional Success: The ship bends and twists under the Changling to help him on his way. For the rest of the Scene the Changeling gets +1 to Athletics.

All Together Lads (••)Edit

A ship must function as a well oiled machine, every man on board must know his roll and man his post to stay alive. With this clause a Changeling can enhance their ability to work as a team.

Perquisite: Sailor.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Socialise + Wyrd
Action: Reflexive
Duration: 1 Teamwork Action
Catch: The changeling is singing a shanty along with at least half the people he intends to work with.

Dramatic Failure: The Changling ends up causing trouble for everyone he works with, a -4 penalty for everyone contributing to the teamwork action.

Failure: The Changling fails to activate the clause.

Success: The changeling and his companions function in perfect harmony, gaining 9again to the teamwork action.

Exceptional Success: As above, but 8again.

Captain on Deck (••••)Edit

A skilled captain begets a skilled crew. On a ship organisation is matter of life and death, an inspiring leader can be the only thing that holds a crew together in the face of a ferice storm. With this Clause the character can empower an entire crew. To learn this Clause a character must hold ultimate authority on the ship. When the highest authority is shared, such as between a captain and a quarter master, only the character who is currently in charge may invoke Captain on Deck.

Prequisite: Captain or Quarter Master.
Cost: 3 Glamour
Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Duration: Wyrd Turns
Catch: The character is wearing a fancy hat that is modified, custom tailored or otherwise uniquely his and has been for at least three months.

Dramatic Failure: The Changeling issues a disastrous order, chaos sweeps the deck as every sailor suffers -3 to his next action. A loss of respect is likely.

Failure: The Clause fails to invoke. The Changeling may have made an inspirational gesture that fell flat.

Success: The captain organises and encourages the crew granting every sailor a bonus equal to his Successes for Wyrd turns. This Clause may not be used again until it has naturally expired.

Exceptional Success: In addition to the bonus every sailor also recovers a point of Willpower. This clause can never grant more than one point of Willpower a day.

Master of the Ship (•••••)Edit

The captain asserts his authority over the ship itself. Rope animates like serpents and the very timber beneath his feet come to life, eager to obey their captains command.

Prequisite: Captain.
Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Presence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Duration: Wyrd turns or Scene
Catch: The captain invokes this Clause to oppose a mutiny.

Dramatic Failure: The ship rebels against the captain's harsh authoirty. For the rest of the scene it will make one grapple attempt against her per turn.

Failure: For a few moments the ship comes to life, but it amounts to nothing more than waving rope and slamming doors.

Success: The ship comes to life, gaining flexibility that should be impossible for solid wood or metal. Ropes will lash out while the deck will grow to surround people's feet. Once per turn, in addition to her normal action, she may designate one grapple attack against any creature that she can see and who is standing upon the ship. She may sacrifice her normal action for a second grapple attack, and her Defence for a third. The ship attacks with a Dicepool of Wyrd + 1-3 equipment bonus for the material. Ropes are great, wood and metal less so. As an alternative to grappling the captain can also use her control over the ship to perform a single Instant Action at range with her normal dicepool. She could fire a cannon or steer the ship without moving a hand. She may supplement this action with up to Wyrd Reflexive Actions per turn, this is best using for opening doors, flipping switches and the like. The captain retains control over the ship for Wyrd turns.

Exceptional Success: The captain retains control of the ship for an entire Scene.

Risk and Reward Edit

Sin-Eaters at Sea Edit

Risk and RewardEdit


Surviving at SeaEdit

Breathing: A Sin-Eater can breath underwater with just a single dot of the Tear-Stained Shroud. The Primeval Caul allows the Sin-Eater to turn into an aquatic animal at four dots.

Vision: Short of turning into a fish with the Primeval Caul or bonding her flesh to advanced cameras with the Industrial Caul a Sin-Eater has no extra senses that work below water better than their normal ones. Sin-Eaters can however create their own light with the Pyre-Flame Caul or the Pyre-Flame Shroud (assuming they're not using the Tear-Stained Shroud to breath at the time)

Cold: While the Cold Wind Shroud will protect a Sin-Eater from any cold but it cannot be used with the Tear-Stained Key. To survive freezing ocean temperatures a Sin-Eater would have to get more creative: The Pyre-Flame Caul heats his body while the Cold-Wind Caul removes the need for heat entirely. The Primeval Caul can be used to turn into a creature adapted for the cold or the Industrial Caul could put an electric heater inside his chest.

Pressure: Any Shroud will provide Armour that protects against pressure while the Primeval Caul turn the Sin-Eater into a creature that is naturally adapted for high pressure environments.

Swimming: The Tear-Stained key provides a bonus to swimming rolls equal to the Sin-Eaters Activation Successes but dose not actually increase her speed. If she wants more she will have to transform herself with the Primeval Caul.

Hunters at Sea Edit

Hunters are like any mortal at sea, meaning they drown, they die of exposure, and if the local predators are hungry well, they'd better have Roy Scheider, a scuba tank, and a rifle ready. To make things worse, the monsters usually have a special ability or magic to help them survive the freezing waters or help them communicate with the waters and sea creatures. The advantage, though, is numbers. A single vampire has no chance against a ship full of humans, especially when one of those humans can teach the others to fight.

Risk and RewardEdit

The risk is obvious; the sea is still incredibly dangerous to your baseline human being. Ships are lost from storms, malfunction, even piracy in more lawless areas. Further on the scale of bizarre, and you have the creatures that are supposed to be mythical or crpytozoological. It's also rare for a ship to be crewed solely by hunters, as the laws and regulations regarding international shipping means that, unless it's a warship, lethal weapons are not allowed. Crews can be seized for their actions in other ports, and often the lifeblood of any ship is economic. Fishing boats and cargo ships suffer when business takes a downturn, and their crews have to put the Vigil on hold if they can't afford it.

Where's the reward? Information. While most fighting against the darkness is on land, scientifically minded hunters can attempt to find evidence of stranger creatures. The common phrase is that we know more about the farthest stars than the deepest seas, and it's true. Occasionally a lucky hunt by a "private expedition" will find new species thought either extinct of impossible. Only their discoveries often result in a hasty escape and a loss of some of the data. Conspiracies are often the most capable of raising a crew of their own to find certain aquatic threats, while compacts and lone cells must either deal with unknowing civilians or even the risk that one of their crew might be a trojan horse, if not an enemy themselves.

The sheer variety of creatures on the open seas means that a sailing hunter is often wholly in the pocket of nautical superstition. Women never come on their ships, except in the most dire cases. A red sky in the morning automatically means locking down everything that isn't essential.

Geniuses at SeaEdit

Risk and RewardEdit